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About the artist Pati Bannister
Research for Pati Bannister is intended as an additional tool for information. Sources include books, periodicals, auction records, family members, friends, and professional researchers. The research is always a work in progress.

In recent years Pati has been featured on the cover of Southwest Art Magazine twice, Prints Magazine, Museum Magazine of the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, Florida Art Gallery Magazine, and has been featured in many other art magazines, including Art Voices South, Collector's Mart and International Fine Art Collector.

Born in London, Pati is now an American citizen and resides on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast where she paints and sculpts in her studio overlooking the bird sanctuary and beach leading to the Mississippi Sound.

Pati Bannister paints women. Almost always she presents the tender feminine, yet not always graspable, human form. Her paintings are both interior explorations and exterior descriptions of her subjects. In this way she comes close to bridging the gap between realism and the modern surreal. Her women are, at the same time, ethereal, sensual, maternal and ambiguous.

Whether she has captured the simplicity, restraint and taste of an afternoon on the back porch of a rustic farmhouse, or a moment of breathless anticipation, beyond her idealized objectivity lie other meanings surely as real as the surface, rich with inner visions, oftentimes of things unknown and therefore portentous. Regardless of interpretation, Pati Bannister gives us the enigma which is woman reflected through the eyes of one who is sure of her own humanity and place in the world and of her gift and talent to capture and preserve the tranquility, beauty and peace of her vision.

Due to consequences caused by category 5 Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Pati has officially retired as of January 31, 2006 and she has closed her publishing business. Our beloved artist deserves a well earned retirement and Rikee Gallery is proud to represent the prints you see on our web site.